Where to park and what is the rates?

Map of Aurland municipality.

The map shows the parking areas in Aurland municipality. The map is indicative and changes may occur. Always check the signs where you are parked.

Rates of the parking zones

The map is marked with the different tariff zones. The zones are marked with purple and yellow colours. The following rates are:

  • Purple zone 40 NOK per hour.
  • Purple zone 200 NOK per day.
  • Purple zone 700 NOK per week.
  • Purple zone 2000 NOK per month.
  • Yellow zone 25 NOK per hour.
  • Yellow zone 125 NOK per day.
  • Yellow zone 500 NOK per week.
  • Yellow zone 2000 NOK per month

When do I have to pay for the parking?

You must pay the parking fee where there are signs. If the parking sign has a sub-sign showing the time, the sing only applies in the specified time zone.

  • Black letters and numbers, Monday to Friday
  • Black letters and numbers in parentheses, Saturday
  • Read letters and numbers, Sundays, and public holidays.

How do I pay for the parking?

You can by credit card or coins on the parking machine next to the parking lot. You can also pay with your telephone by downloading the app called EasyPark.

Where can I park with my handicap placard?

If you have a handicap placard you can park free of charge on any of the parking lots. Please note that you are not allowed to park on pavements or in spaces reserved for other vehicles.